Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum

What it is: A facial serum

What it does: Hydrates, evens skin tone and texture, encourages cellular renewal

Star ingredients: Retinol, Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, Coq10, Honey, Algae Extract

Review: I have a soft spot for this product, as it is the first retinol/vitamin A serum that I ever used and it brought about remarkable change to my skin. I started using this when my skin was very dehydrated, sensitive, rough, and prone to breakouts and I was desperate for some “remodeling.” I was hesitant to start using a retinol (let alone a prescription-strength retinoid) because of the irritation and skin peeling that is a common side effect, and chose this product because it is a very hydrating, soothing formula and because the retinol is encapsulated, which means a sustained, gradual delivery into the skin. It is a lightweight, runny lotion that feels very hydrating when applied and sinks in quickly, leaving a silky finish on the skin. It has sort of a funky smell that lingers for awhile after it is applied, however it was not pervasive or bothersome for me. I did not experience any noticeable irritation or redness with this product, and I used it nightly and would follow it with a light moisturizer. It was worth the investment: after about a month and a half of consistent use my face felt completely different. The inflammation and sensitivity in my skin was gone and I could not believe how smooth it was to the touch. After struggling with my skin since my early teens, I cannot tell you how amazing it was to see such positive change in my skin. Needless to say, retinol and other vitamin A derivatives have become a pillar of my routine. If you are looking for a retinoid product that will improve your skin at a low risk of irritation, I highly recommend this option.

Price: $85-$122

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